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Marathon HP

Steering Gear Box - Marathon HP - Hydraulic Power - New - 98217MN

Steering Gear Box - Marathon HP - Hydraulic Power - New - 98217MN


Each MAVAL Marathon HP product is designed to meet or exceed original equipment fit, form and function to ensure performance, improve durability, and provide ease of installation. Marathon HP steering gear boxes are manufactured with premium parts and high-quality sealing components to ensure performance, prevent leaks, and optimize the longevity of the unit. Every MAVAL Marathon HP product is tested on our state-of-the-art test equipment to simulate actual operational conditions, inspecting for leaks, noises, and overall functionality to unsure the unit meets or exceeds OE specifications. All MAVAL Marathon HP gear boxes are 100 percent lash calibrated for precision performance.

Application Info: Ram 2500 6.7, ENG. (2013-2021)
Ram 2500 5.7,ENG. (2013-2019)
Ram 2500 6.4, ENG (2014-2021)
Ram 3500 6.7, ENG. (2013-2021)
Ram 3500 5.7 ENG.(2013-2018)
Ram 3500 6.4 ENG. (2014-2021)

Interchange: Chrysler - 5154349AB - Chrysler - 68210720AA - Chrysler - 68210720AB - Chrysler - 68210720AC - Chrysler - 68429132AB - Chrysler - R2122316AG

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