MAVAL - About Us

MAVAL was founded in 1987 as a company whose mission was to remanufacture import power steering gears and pumps. Since then, MAVAL has grown to become one of the nation's foremost steering component remanufacturers, as well as a leader in engineering new aftermarket steering components. MAVAL's unsurpassed quality and production/design flexibility has made it the choice of OE Service, Aftermarket Distributors, and Performance Enthusiasts worldwide as a source of both remanufactured and new steering systems.

By the Numbers:

80,000 sq.ft. location in Twinsburg, Ohio

Manufacturing Facility and Global HQ Core Competency Center for Engineering, Machining, and Operations

51,952 sq.ft. location in Maple Heights, Ohio

Core Facility Core Competency Center for Core Processing and Warehousing

64,000 sq.ft. location in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Manufacturing Facility Core Competency Center for Steering Gear and Domestic Rack and Pinion Remanufacturing


A Tradition of Doing Things Right

Global production facilities, joint ventures and sourcing relationships. Multiple part numbers and flexible volume production runs. Design capabilities that include complete steering system integration. Worldwide OE product performance approvals. Numerous customer awards for product quality and service